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Synergyn Performance Products

120+ Octane Booster

Product Description:
120+ Octane Booster will increase the octane of today's fuels by 2 to 5 points, depending on the quality and octane level of the fuel being treated. It is also a complete fuel conditioner. This high performance product does it all. It will clean injectors. 120+ contains no methyl alcohol which can damage engine parts. It will remove gums and varnishes from carburetors to improve fuel efficiency and air flow. Used regularly, 120+ softens and removes carbon deposits from pistons and rings. In addition, it cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system of any gas vehicle and functions as an excellent upper cylinder lubricant for increased power and performance. This product is a must for older vehicles and a real plus for all.

User Benefits (when used regularly)
• Octane Noticeably Increases
• Increases Acceleration
• More Complete combustion
• Absorbs Moisture Condensation
• Keeps Injectors Clean
• Very Effective Top Cylinder Lubrication
• Cleans Carburetors
• Reduces Smoke Emissions
• Power Increase
• Reduces Gum and Varnish Build-up
• Prevents Carbon Deposits
• Eliminates Ring Sticking
• Lubricates Fuel System
• Reduces Engine Acid Formations



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