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Synergyn Performance Products

20+ Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Product Description:
20+ Cetane Boost is a concentrated diesel fuel conditioner designed for today's low sulfur and off-road diesels. This product increases cetane ratings in any diesel fuel while lowering the gel point to 35 degrees below zero when mixed 1 gallon to 1000 gallons diesel fuel. 20+ Cetane Boost also includes a highly desirable lubricity additive to protect fuel systems and internal engine parts when using low sulfur diesel fuel. This product will clean and lubricate fuel system components. 20+ Cetane Boost can increase the percentage of diesel fuel burned in the combustion chamber, thereby increasing power and fuel economy at the same time. Many users report a 5% - 10% increase in mileage which means 20+ Cetane Boost can pay for itself.

User Benefits
• Reduced Engine Acid Formation
• Reduced Smoke Emissions
• More Complete Combustion
• Eliminates Water from the Fuel System
• Keeps Injectors Clean
• Effective Top Cylinder Lubrication
• Reduced Fuel Consumption
• Controls Algae Growth in Storage Tanks
• Easier Starting
• Reduces Gum and Varnish Buildup
• Improved Acceleration
• Reduced Ring Sticking
• Fuel System Lubrication
• Lower Maintenance Costs

General Applications:

20+ Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Conditioner will offer a wide range of benefits when added to diesel fuel. If mixed with # 2 diesel fuel for winter operations additional savings in the cost of fuel can be realized. To prevent gelling in cold weather, 20+ Cetane must be mixed with #2 diesel prior to fuel reaching its cloud point. This is the temperature at which congealing wax crystals in diesel fuel start to form a cloud and threaten to plug filters and small orifices. Cloud point temperatures vary with quality of fuel but normally range between 0 - 20 degrees F. If mixed in fuel storage tanks when fuel is delivered will eliminate problems. For quantities greater than 16 oz. bottles, cross reference this product to Fleet Power Plus 1000.

Typical Specifications: (One gallon Fleet Power Plus 1000 treat 1000 gallons of diesel fuel)
Viscosity (cSt.) @ 40 °C
API Gravity
Specific Gravity
Density lbs/gal.
Flash point Degrees F/C
Pour Point Degrees F/C
ASTM D-445
ASTM D-1298
ASTM D-1298
ASTM D-1298

Directions For Use:

Recommended Treat Ration: 1 16 oz bottle 20+ Cetane Boost treats up to 100 gallons of diesel fuel.

NOTE: Caterpillar Equipment Co. research over 20+ years shows that it is acid action, not friction, which causes 90% of engine wear. Sulfur in the fuel combines with moisture and oxygen in the combustion chamber to produce sulfuric acid (H2SO4)



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