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About Kinetic General

Kinetic General distributes high-performance and fleet maintenance products for the Motorsports, General Automotive, Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer, and Manufacturing industries.

Founded in 1996 under its original name, Kinetic Petroleum began distributing Synergyn Oil's full line of non-, blended and full synthetic lubricants to dealers, performance equipment builders and end users throughout Massachusetts. As users began realizing that Synergyn was not "just another oil", Kinetic Petroleum moved forward expanding its region across the U.S. Today, Synergyn Oil continues to hold high standards for its superior lubricant qualities and characteristics over its blending competitors and as a result, Synergyn Oil is endorsed and used by most engine builders and motorsport race teams globally.

Not long after introducing Synergyn Oil, a high-performance 2 and 4 cycle oil was needed to support the 5 - 75 horsepower, gas and alcohol small engine race market. The fluid of choice was and still is RED-E Oil and in 1998, Kinetic Petroleum began offering its full line of lubricants to dealers, engine builders, and race teams throughout the country. RED-E Oil meets the needs of this unique application by offering a dyno tested, track proven light weight viscosity (20 weight) lubricant capable of withstanding 14,000 RPM while providing high-performance gains and protection over commercially available lubricants.

As Kinetic Petroleum's customer base grew, so did its opportunities to offer complimenting product lines. In 2003, Kinetic Petroleum added the full line of Powermist Race Fuels, Performance Friction Brake Products, Fasteners and Automotive Fleet Maintenance and Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Parts. As a result, Kinetic Petroleum changed its name to Kinetic General to reflect its expanded offerings.

Shell Racing Fuel approached Kinetic General in 2006 as the latest opportunity to fill the need that has been left behind by other race fuels and companies. Our commitment to restore the technical expertise and level of experience in support of recommending "the right fuel for the right application" to both engine builders and race teams is what has attracted Shell Race Fuel to Kinetic General. Shell, which is the most successful brand of race fuel overseas with Championships in Formula One Car and World Superbike, to name a few, has decided to target the US market with the same quality and commitment. Kinetic General has introduced 5 Shell Race Fuels to the New England Market; two unleaded fuels, (SRS100ULE and SRS105UL) as well as three leaded race fuels, (SRS110, SRS114 and SRS118). Preliminary dyno results from performance engine builders throughout New England have shown that the Shell Race Fuel will be a "force to reckon with" in both two and four barrel divisions. Future dyno test sessions are scheduled to analyze the results specific to Motorcycles, Snowmobiles and Drag Racing.

Today, Kinetic General emphasizes its commitment to the Motorsports Industry with its full line of Shell Race Fuel, Powermist Race Fuel, Synergyn Racing Lubricants, RED-E Oil and Performance Friction Brake Products. We take pride in our commitment offering quality products, customer support, service and competitive pricing to our end users. That same level of commitment is shared as well with our users supporting automotive and truck repair, construction, manufacturing, state agencies and city municipalities.

We at Kinetic General hope that you find this website informative and invite you to call or email us at anytime with your specific questions or comments about our products.



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