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Synergyn Performance Products

Agent W
Radiator Coolant

Product Description:
Synergyn's Agent W is a high flash, general purpose spray adjuvant and surfactant. It is a compound of special ingredients designed to break the surface tension of water, thus allowing water, and chemicals mixed in it, to penetrate faster and more evenly. Agent W is completely water soluble, nonionic and biodegradable. Designed originally for agricultural applications, Agent W makes water mixed with chemicals penetrate plants and/or the ground more quickly and evenly. With its anti-foaming additive, Agent W promotes more even spray patterns and allows for chemical delivery at a more consistent rate, thus requiring less chemical per acre and reducing costs. This inexpensive product has proved useful in fire control, oil well drilling, road work and industrial applications as well as in agriculture. Agent W makes any water wetter to make it work better.

User Benefits
• Improves Chemical Penetration
• More Even Spray Pattern
• Less Run Off
• Reduces Costs/Less Chemical Used
• Biodegradable
• Less Evaporation
• Non-Ionic
• Reduces Foaming

General Applications:
• Fire Control Equipment
• High Pressure Cleaners
• Road Conditioning (Dust/Compacting)
• Water Based Industrial Cleaners
• Drilling Muds
• Paper Industry
• Paint Industry
Agricultural Applications:
• Herbicides
• Insecticides
• Fungicides
• Aericides
• Defoliants
• Irrigation

Typical Specifications:
API Gravity
Specific Gravity
Density lbs/gal.
Flash Point Degrees F/C
Anti-Foam Test
ASTM D-1298
ASTM D-1298
ASTM D-1298
ASTM D-1298

NOTE: Before using read all chemical and pesticide labels for mixing and cautionary statements.

Directions For Use:
Defoliants: 1 gallon Agent W to 400 gallons water used for 10 gal/acre application.
1 gallon Agent W to 200 gallons water used for 5 gal/acre application.
Most other applications: 1 gallon Agent W to 1000 gallons water used.
For best results, water temperature should be 55° to 90° F.



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