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Synergyn Performance Products

Assembly Lube

Product Description:
Synergyn's Assembly Lube is designed to aid equipment and engine builders in assembling their finished product. This unique product will adhere to parts during and after assembly to insure proper fit and to provide lubrication on initial start up. Assembly Lube incorporates a tackiness additive to coat, adheres to and protects all new components until standard operating lubrication can take over. This excellent product is fortified with extreme pressure (EP) agents to prevent wear during the critical start up phase of engines, gear boxes, etc. Assembly Lube is fully compatible with all engine oils and gear lubricants. Assembly Lube contains conditioners to keep seals pliable and inhibit corrosion. This inexpensive product offers cheap insurance for expensive equipment and is recommended for any assembly operation.

User Benefits
• Aids Ease of Assembly
• Prevents Dry Starts
• Reduces Friction and Wear
• Promotes Longer Seal Life
• Compatible with all Component Lubricants
• Prevents Rust and Corrosion

General Applications:
Assembly Lube is a parts pre-lube for any assembly operation.

Typical Specifications:
Viscosity (cSt.) 40° C
Viscosity (cSt.) 100° C
Viscosity Index
API Gravity
Density lbs/gal.
Flash Point Degrees F/C
Pour Point Degrees F/C
ASTM D-445
ASTM D-445
ASTM D-2270
ASTM D-1298
ASTM D-1298



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