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Synergyn Performance Products

Chain and Cable Lube

Product Description:
Synergyn's Aerosol Chain and Cable Lube is the newest innovation in chain and cable protection. It is a high quality, multi-purpose lubricant designed to reduce wear, heat buildup, shock loads, rust and corrosion. This aerosol lubricant is fortified with Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide), PTFE, lubricity agents, tackiness agents and a special extreme pressure (EP) package. Aerosol Chain and Cable Lube is formulated from high quality base oils that penetrate to internal parts, resulting in excellent water and wear resistance. This product is designed to reduce maintenance and repair costs by extending the life of any chain, wire rope or cable.

User Benefits
• Reduces Wear
• Deters Rust and Corrosion
• Resists Effects of Water and Acid
• Extends Life of Chains or Cables
• Penetrates and Adheres to Internal Parts
• Protects Against Shock Loads
• Provides Extreme Pressure Protection
• Reduces Maintenance/Replacement Costs

General Applications:
Wire Ropes
Drag Lines
Drive Chains
Roller Chains
High Speed Chains
Leaf Chains
Combine Drives
Motor Cycles
Go Carts
Table Chains



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