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Synergyn Performance Products

Synergyn ® Chill Out
Radiator Coolant

Product Description:
Synergyn's Chill Out is a coolant additive designed to make water wetter by reducing it's surface tension characteristics and thereby increasing the transfer of heat from metal parts to the engines coolant. Chill Out produces a coolant boundary layer flow to absorb more engine heat and carry it away. This results in lower cylinder head temperatures, increased horsepower and greater engine efficiency. This advanced system of coolant boundary layer flow also increases the cooling effect in your radiator as more heat is transferred back to the metal in the radiators fins and passed on to the outside air. Whether you are a racer using straight water or driving a street vehicle requiring an anti freeze/water mixture, Chill Out from Synergyn Performance Products will provide maximum performance through better cooling. Chill Out is a blend of premium ingredients and modern technology to double the wetting ability of water while increasing the corrosion protection that is needed with todays aluminium blocks, heads, radiators, tubing, etc. The result of long life for any engine. One 12 oz. bottle of Chill Out will treat all average coolant system (3-4 gallons) for up to one year.

User Benefits
• Improved Heat Transfer
• Twice the Wetting Ability
• Reduced Foaming
• Long Term Corrosion Protection
• Lower Cylinder Head Temperatures
• Maximum Horsepower/Torque

General Applications:
• All Racers
• Any Passenger Vehicles
• Motor Cycles
• Pickup Trucks
• All Diesel Engines
• Commercial/Delivery Vehicles

Note: Chill Out is personally recommended by Tony Cola, Chief Engine Builder for the Winston Cup#40 car driven by Sterling Martin.

Chill Out, or a similar type product, is used by every NASCAR team racing today, from Winston Cup & Bush Grand National on down.

Typical Specifications:
Color -
Specific Gravity -
Density Lbs/Gal -
Flash Point, Degrees F/C -
Boiling Point, 15 psi, Degrees F -
Pour Point, Degrees F.C -
PH -
ASTM D-1298
ASTM D-1298
ASTM d-92

Directions For Use:

Remove radiator cap (when system is cold) and pour one 12 oz Bottle of Chill Out directly into Coolant in radiator. May be used in water or 50% ethylene glycol solution or 50% Propylene glycol solution. Replace Cap and run engine to circulate and mix additive into coolant.


Note: One 12 oz. bottle of Chill Out treats a standard size system (12-16 Quarts). For smaller car or larger truck coolant systems use at a rate of approximately 1 oz per quart of coolant.

Note: For maximum performance and best protection against aluminum corrosion and coolant foaming, retreat with Chill Out every 15,000 miles.

Street Car/Truck Preventative Maintenance: For maximum trouble free radiator life, flush and replace coolant at least once every 2 years.



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