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Synergyn Performance Products

Dy-5000 Grease

Product Description:
Dy-5000 is a state of the art, synthetic, lithium complex based grease. It is a universal grease that can be used where other greases pound out, wash out, channel and/or separate and liquefy. With a synthetic oil base, a Timken Load Rating of 80, a drop point of over 500°F and superior extreme pressure (EP) additives, Dy-5000 may be the finest all around grease on the market today. This grease exceeds all specifications for NLGI GC/LB (ASTM D-4950). DY-5000 has excellent shear stability and a tackiness additive to make it stay in place and keep working long after other greases sling off. This superior grease will extend lubrication intervals and add to the life of expensive parts and equipment.

User Benefits
• Reduced Pound Out
• Excellent EP Protection
• Aids Seal Pliability
• Less Wash Out
• High Shear Stability
• Less Oil Bleed
• Longer Lasting Grease
• Reduced Acid Formation
• Very High Timken Rating
• Reduced Channeling
• High Melting Point
• Reduced Wear
• Reduced Plugging (Automatic Systems)
• Minimal Caking and Oxidation
• Extended Service Intervals
• Pumps Easily in Cold Temperatures
• Superior Corrosion Protection
• Reduced Sling Off

General Applications:
• Wheel Bearings
• Kings Pins
• All Marine Applications
• Anti-Friction Bearings
• Disc Breaks
• Loader Pins/Bushings
• Electric Motor Bearings
• Sleeve Bearings
• Conveyor Roller
• Pillow Blocks
• All Chassis Points
• Slides & Rails
• Spring Shackles
• Fifth Wheels
• Pumps
• Universal Joints

Typical Specifications:
Property Result Test Procedure
NLGI Grade #2
Type Synthetic Oil Based Grease,
Lithium Complex Thickener System
Penetration @77° F
   Worked - 60 Strokes
   Worked - 10,000
Rust Protection
Dropping Point,° F
4 Ball Wear Protection:
   Load Wear
   Weld Point
4 Ball Wear EP Protection:
Scar Diameter
Timken OK Load Rating
   lbs/sq. in
Wheel Bearing Leakage Test, gr
Water Washout @ 100° F
Operating Range, ° F
500° F (min.)
400 kfg
.64 mm
800,000 psi
-30 ° to +465° F

ASTM D-217
ASTM D-217
ASTM D-1743
ASTM D-2265
ASTM D-2596
ASTM D-2596
ASTM D-2266
ASTM D-2509
ASTM D-1263
ASTM D-2596
ASTM D-1264



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