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Synergyn Performance Products

Synergyn ® Oil Treatment

Product Description:
Synergyn® Oil Treatment protects and reinforces the additive system in any lubricant so it will work better and last longer. In addition, Synergyn® increases the film strength of lubricants so you have less wear, lower temperatures and reduced oxidation. Synergyn® is a proprietary blend of ingredients and additives that improves the effectiveness and useful life of any lubricant. It may be used in any liquid lubricant and is effective in hydraulic systems, transmissions, gear boxes, speed reducers, differentials, transfer cases and hydrostatic drives, as well as all crankcase engine oils - diesel or gasoline. Synergyn® may be used in all lubricants, synthetic or petroleum based. Synergyn® makes any oil better.

User Benefits
• Reinforces Additives
• Softens Seals
• Improves Power
• Removes Engine Deposits
• Reduces Piston Polish
• Strengthens Oil Film
• Reduces Engine Wear
• Cleans Engines
• Extends Equipment Life
• Improves Oil Pressure
• Increases Compression
• Reduces Piston Scoring
• Reduces Oil Temperatures
• Reduces Valve/Lifter Noise
• Better Ring Seal
• Less Oil Consumption
• Prevents Dry Starts
• Reduces Blow-By
• Neutralizes Harmful Acids
• Improves Fuel Efficiency
• Longer Seal Life

General Applications:
• Any Crankcase - Gas or Diesel
• Differentials
• Hydraulic Systems
• Hydrostatic Drives
• Power Steering Systems
• Speed Reducers
• Automatic and Manual Transmissions
• Compressor Fluids
• Final Drives
• All Gear Boxes
• Hydraulic/Transmission Systems
• Transfer Cases

Typical Specifications:
Viscosity (VK) @ 40 Degrees C -
API Gravity -
Specific Gravity -
Density Lbs/Gal -
Flash Point, Degrees F/C -
Pour Point, Degrees F/C -
ASTM D - 445
ASTM D - 1298
ASTM D - 1298
ASTM D - 1298
ASTM D - 92
ASTM D - 97

Directions For Use:

IN CRANKCASES - 2 oz. Synergyn Oil Treatment per Quart of Engine Oils

1 oz Synergyn Oil Treatment Per Quart of System Oil



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