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Power Mist


Petroleum Motor Fuels



Unleaded Fuels

PowerMist Unleaded Fuels are ideal for racing applications that require unleaded fuel. PowerMistdoes not try to market "street legal" fuels, PowerMist markets to professional off road racers only. PowerMist Unleaded Fuels do not contain harmful organo-metallic compounds and will not damage oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. PowerMist Unleaded Fuels provide a cool, clean, very efficient burn pattern. These fuels prevent vapor lock and deliver excellent throttle response while preventing damaging detonation or pre-ignition. All fuels are two or four cycle compatible.

Unleaded Fuels Typical Properties
PowerMist Unleaded Fuels

Leaded and Specialty Drag

PowerMist Leaded Fuels are engineered according to strict quality control requirements. PowerMist tests every batch blended at the point of manufacture assuring consistent results. Designed for high performance racing engines operating at high RPM's with compression rates up to 18:1. They are designed to burn cool, burn clean, and prevent vapor lock. These fuels deliver unsurpassed throttle response while preventing detonation or pre-ignition. PowerMist offers a wide choice of fuels to cover all racing applications.

Leaded and Specialty Drag Typical Properties
PowerMist Leaded Fuels

Oxy-Fuels Leaded

PowerMist Oxy-Fuels deliver more BTU's of energy, more horsepower, more torque and more acceleration to accommodate the demanding requirements of the highest performance race vehicles. It's no secret-oxygen makes power! A wide variety of oxygen percentages allow almost unlimited applications. These fuels can be used as is or used as a blending stock. PowerMist Oxy-Fuels special chemical formulations allow for much longer storage life and ease of use.

Unleaded Fuels Typical Properties
PowerMist Oxy-Fuels


Legend: StarAll American Award Winners, chosen by a panel of industry and motorsports experts from around the world; DiaThe worlds most powerful commercially available gases; T=Lead Present; O=Oxygenated; N/O=Non Oxygenated; Note: Octane numbers may not tell the whole story. Research Octane Number (RON) yields the highest number. Motor Octane Number (MON) yields the lowest. Anti-knock Index (R+M/2) is the average of RON and MON. The performance of a racing engine is not necessarily dependent on octane value.



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