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Synergyn Performance Products

Preventalube Fuel Conditioner

Product Description:
Preventalube Fuel Conditioner (Injector Cleaner) is designed to protect equipment by combating the harmful effects of today's fuels while improving performance and increasing the useful life of any internal combustion engine. Preventalube is green in color and is compounded from pure petroleum products and its derivatives. It contains no methyl alcohol, often found in other fuel additives, that can damage and bring about early failure of internal fuel system and engine parts.

User Benefits
• Reduces Engine Acid formation
• Softens and Burns Away Carbon Deposits
• Offers More Complete combustion
• Absorbs Moisture Condensation
• Keeps Injectors Clean
• Very Effectively Lubricates Top Cylinder
• Reduces Fuel Consumption
• Reduces Smoke Emissions
• Helps for Easier Starting
• Reduces Gum and Varnish Build-up
• Improves Acceleration
• Eliminates Ring Sticking
• Lubricates Fuel System
• Lower Maintenance Costs

Typical Specifications:
Property Result Test Procedure
Viscosity VK @ 40 degrees C
API Gravity
Specific Gravity
Density Lbs/Gal
ASTM D - 445
ASTM D - 1298
ASTM D - 1298
ASTM D - 1298

Directions For Use:

Recommended Treat Ration: 1 gallon Preventalube to every 200 gallons diesel fuel, leaded or unleaded gasoline.

In engine oils, gear, hydraulic or transmission fluids: add 1 once Preventalube to each quart to prevent or remove gun and varnish buildup.

Long term storage of equipment or fuel in tanks: 1 gallon Preventalube to each 100 gallons of fuel. After storage period, use fuel in normal way, then return to 1 gallon to200 gallons of fuel



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