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Synergyn Performance Products

SAE 0W20 Racing Oil

Product Description:
SAE 0W20 Racing Oil, fortified with Synergyn's propriety additive Synergyn®, is the most unique engine oil on the market today. Designed to meet manufacturer's specifications for 2001 new car models, SAE 0W20 is manufactured with a combination of synthetic base oils that give it performance characteristics far above conventional oils. This light weight oil increases horsepower and provides full protection for engines.

The same 20 weight engine oil being called for in 2001 new car owners manuals (Ford, Honda & many others to follow) is available from Synergyn Racing Oils of Durant, Oklahoma. The good news is this oil has been specially formulated to perform beautifully in older vehicles calling for 30 wt. oil (0W-30, 5W-30, 10W-30). No special engine tuning or mechanical adjustments are required and the differences are all beneficial, with no downside. Synergyn Racing Oils 0W-20 wt. oil is strong enough to run this year at Daytona Raceway in Bush & Winston Cup Cars. Dyno testing has shown good horsepower increases over previously used 30 wt. oils. In passenger car and trucks calling for any of the usual 30 wt. oils, Synergyn's 0W-20 wt.
oil will provide:

· Easier starting
· Quicker oil flow at startup
· Reduced drag - resulting in more power
· Improved mileage - tested Chevy 350 cu. inch, gained 3%.
· No Loss in oil pressure compared to our LTS 3W-30.

Perhaps best of all, Synergyn's improved additive technology and multi-synthetic base oil makes this fully synthetic oil good for 10,000 to 12,000 mile oil changes.

Press Release Issued: Feb. 1, 2001

User Benefits
• Meets Manufacturer's Specs for 2001
New Car Models
• Full Synthetic Base Oil Formula
• Excellent Wear Protection
• Quicker Top End Lubrication to Prevent
Dry Starts
• Reduced Friction Drag in All Engines=
Lower Idle Speeds, More Power,
Better Mileage
• New GF-2 Classification
• Excellent Cold Crank Ability= Easier Starts
• Double Oil Change Intervals in Well
Maintained Engines
• Acid Resistant
• Cooler Operating Temperatures than Most
Engines Oils
• Contains Synergyn® for Added Lubricity

Typical Specifications: (One gallon Fleet Power Plus 1000 treat 1000 gallons of diesel fuel)
SAE Grade
Viscosity @ 40 Degrees C
Viscosity @ 100 Degrees C
Viscosity Index
API Gravity
Specific Gravity
Flash Point, Degrees F
Pour Point, Degrees F
0w - 20 Weight Engine Oil
410 Degrees F
-65 Degrees F
Exceeds All Requirements
Rust Inhibitors
Exceeds All Requirements
Exceeds All Requirements
Exceeds All Requirements
Exceeds All Requirements



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