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Synergyn Performance Products

Speedway Gear Lubricant
(Racing Gear Lubricant)

Product Description:
Synergyn Oil, Inc. developed Speedway Gear Lubricant for the serious racer. This 0w-75 wt., fully synthetic gear lube reduces resistance in differentials and manual transmissions without sacrificing boundary layer protection of film strength. Blended from high technology additive systems and superior synthetic base oils. Speedway Gear Lubricant offers the best of both desirable qualities for any race situation; added horsepower and excellent protection for expensive racing transmissions and rear ends.

User Benefits

• Increased Horsepower
• Faster Elapsed Times
• Reduced Frictional Drag
• Faster Top End Speed
• No Increased Wear to Gear Surfaces
• Approved by Richmond Gear Co.
• Highest Quality Synthetic Base Oils
• Approved by Strange Gear Co.

General Applications:

Drag Racing: All Classes up to and including Pro Stock
Recommended Change Interval is 20 Passes (Maximum)

CIRCLE TRACK RACING: Qualifying Only: Replace with Syngear
II Racing Lubricant for Race.

Typical Specifications: (One gallon Fleet Power Plus 1000 treat 1000 gallons of diesel fuel)
AGMA Rating
0w-75 st. Full Synthetic Gear Lubricant
GL-5 (Highest Rating Available)
All other information and specifications are proprietary and Confidential.



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