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Synergyn Performance Products

Super H.D. Engine Oil
API Classifications:CH-4 CG-4, CF-4,

Product Description:
Available in weights of: ISO 32, 46, 68 & 100

Synergyn Oil, Inc. developed Super H.D. as a cost effective, higher quality engine oil to cover the entire range of gasoline, diesel, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas engines. Super H.D. Engine Oils are specifically formulated with premium 100% virgin paraffin base mineral oils of a high natural viscosity index. These superior base oils coupled with the latest technology in newly developed additive systems qualifies these oils to meet and exceed the latest manufacturers' requirements for all engines. Super H.D. Engine Oils are designed for the new low emissions engines which use the new low sulfur fuels. They will work equally well in older equipment using higher sulfur fuels on off road applications. Super H.D. Oils provide better soot handling capabilities due to lower ash content. This fact reduces wear, filter plugging and deposit formations and allows for greater flexibility in the types of equipment that can use this oil. Operators looking for one engine oil that provides superior protection in all equipment, from personal vehicles to the heaviest diesel equipment, choose Super Heavy Duty Engine Oils with complete satisfaction.

User Benefits
• Higher TBN Rating
• Reduces Acid Formation
• Extended Change Intervals
• Reduced Friction
• Superior Additives
• Less Main Bearing Wear
• Less Carbon Buildup
• Lower Operating Temps
• Reduced Oil Foaming
• Higher Film Strength
• Better Cam Shaft Protection
• Less Ring Sticking
• Less Soot Buildup
• Less gum & Varnish Deposits
• Reduced Downtime



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