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Synergyn Performance Products

Super H-5000 Compressor Oil

Product Description:
Super H-5000 Compressor Oil is formulated from premium base oil stocks and high quality additive systems. These ingredients provide excellent thermal stability, anti-wear protection and oxidation prevention. Super H-5000 also provides superior rust protection, good filter-ability, demulsibility and hydrolytic stability. The ash less chemistry utilized in Super H-5000 allows it to be used in areas where conductivity is a problem.

User Benefits
• Reduces Wear
• Prevents Scuffing
• Reduces Foaming
• Cooler Operating Temperatures
• Up to 5000 Hour Oxidation Factor
• Good Filterability
• Superior Rust Protection
• Good Demulsibility
• Reduces Gum and Varnish Buildup
• Corrosion Control
• Longer Seal Life
• Extends Maintenance Cycles
• Excellent Thermal Stability
• Good Hydraulic Stability
• Excellent Oxidation Stability



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