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Synergyn Performance Products

Synergyn ® Super Light Weight Racing Oils
LTS 00000and PRO-05 Engine Oils

Product Description:
Synergyn Oil, Inc. has been researching lighter and lighter weight synthetic engine oils since the late 1980s. The goal was: Refusing to sacrifice protection while reducing the horsepower robbed by engines having to "push" heavy weight oils. Starting with LTS 3w30 Racing Oil, Synergyn's research team of racers and chemists have progressed to what they call 0 Weight Oils. As hands-on knowledge increased, successful testing was completed on 0w-16 wt., 0w-8 wt. and 0w-4 wt. engine oils. The culmination of ongoing research is the development of Synergyn® "Quad-0" or LTS 0000 Racing Engine Oil. Dyson's 0 Weight Engine Oils produce more horsepower to the ground than any other engine oil on the market today. Following recommended change intervals will provide complete protection to expensive racing engine parts.

User Benefits

• More Horsepower
• Faster Elapsed Times
• Faster Top End Speed
• An Oil Weight Right for All Engine Setups
• Makes horsepower and saves parts
• Faster Oil Flow
• Reduced Cam Shaft Lobe Wear


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