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PowerMist Additives

Even the best of fuels needs some extra kick. Kinetic General is your source for some of the highest quality fuel additives on the market. From engine restorer to engine performance enhancer, we have the products to complement your vehicle's fuel.



• Oxygenating Additive
Based on a totally new technology, this product delivers the advantages of nitromethane, without the drawbacks. It is designed to extract the last bit of raw power from stock or modified engines.

Nitro-X is a fuel exciter, which increases RPM, changing the acceleration properties without producing heat or corrosion. It does not contain nitromethane or propylene oxide. Nitro-X mixes with either gasoline or methanol and carries 33% oxygen. Because it is a stealth product, it will not show up under usual fuel test procedures in gasoline.


• Oxygenating Additive
This product is an alternative to Nitro-X. It is even harder to detect while still providing the same advantages as Nitro-X. It is formulated for gasoline use only.


• Oxygenating Additive
This specialized version of Nitro-X is formulated for use with methanol only. It passes water testing.

Nitro Plus™

• Oxygenating Additive
Nitro Plus is a nitromethane-based product that contains 33% nitromethane along with 2 other high-power oxygenates. This combination increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of fuel, and it produces faster flame travel.

Nitro Plus is more powerful than nitromethane alone and is less corrosive. It works in stock or modified engines and mixes in both gasoline and methanol. Because it carries 53% oxygen, Nitro Plus is the strongest and most powerful oxygenate on the market today!


• Oxygenating Additive for Diesel
• A PowerMist Exclusive
Nitro-XD is a high performance oxygenating additive that boosts cetane up to 6 numbers when combined with high power oxygen. For the best results, the manufacturer recommends an initial mixing ratio of 5%.This product is especially beneficial for truck and tractor pullers.

N-77 ChemTool Pro™

• Engine Restorer
This product is designed to clean the residue from carburetors, fuel systems, fuel injectors, valves, rings, pistons, oil returns, lifters, oil pump screens, and PVC valves. With regular use, N-77 results in increased compression, top engine performance, less operating costs per mile, and fewer repairs. It is safe for use with engines equipped with oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. N-77 is formulated for gasoline engines only.

Performance Concentrate for Gasoline™

• Engine Performance Enhancer
Performance Concentrate is a superior additive that upgrades any gasoline. Whether used in a racecar or in the family sedan, this product maximizes engine performance by increasing octane and decarbonizing the entire engine.

Additionally, it increases flame speed, resulting in a cool, clean burn, improved combustion, and reduced fuel emissions. Performance Concentrate is dyno and track-proven to increase RPM, horsepower, and acceleration.