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PowerMist Methanol

You already know that methanol fuel can give your motorsports vehicle that extra boost it needs. We are proud distributors of PowerMist Methanol products that include fuel blends. You can depend on us to provide you with quality formulas that protect and enhance your auto's engine. Call for a quote on our custom blends.


Premium Methanol

This is the ultrapure methanol you have heard about. It has been exhaustively researched to bring out the maximum power in your motor where tech dictates methanol only. This is an efficient, consistent, super premium racing methanol delivered at competitive pricing. Premium Methanol is superbly suitable for all types of racing in engines requiring a cool, clean burn pattern. It is legal for all sanctioning bodies.

Holeshot Methanol™

For optimum acceleration and mid-range punch, Holeshot is a further refined ultrapure methanol with an added kick. It is a hybrid product caught in the chemical transition between methanol and methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE, 4%). Extra oxygenation means extra power! This product lowers specific gravity flow requirements, thus making available a wider range of jetting options. The benefits of Holeshot methanol over regular methanol are:

• Easier, More Consistent Jetting • Cleaner, More Efficient Combustion • Better Passing of Water Test

Methanol Complete™

This complete racing fuel contains PowerMist's ultrapure Premium Methanol, ethers, top lube, and petroleum solvents. Everything that is needed for superior power is in this product. Methanol Complete is available in light and heavy varieties and is designed for open fuel competition only. This product delivers the following:

• Most Efficient Combustion
• Easiest Starting
• Maximum Cooling
• Maximum BTUs of Energy
• Maximum Performance

Methanol-Based Model Fuels™

The engines in your model cars and airplanes also need proper care to perform optimally. To ensure ultimate performance, we recommend you use our Custom Blended: Methanol-Nitro-Lubricant mixtures.